Essex home owner reduces heating bills with heat pump solution

The Scandinavian style four bedroom property was built in the 1990s with excellent triple glazed windows and good insulation values. However, the heat was provided to the wet distribution system partly by LPG Boilers and partly by a solid fuel stove with a back boiler. The home owner was not only wishing to save on fuel cost but was also keen to reduce his carbon footprint.

Robert Walmsley advised the clients that for their circumstances a ground source heat pump would be the best solution. A NIBE F1245 ground source heat pump was specified. This is a heat pump which extracts heat from a solution flowing through underground pipes installed below the gardens of the property. The NIBE F1245 ground source heat pump is a compact unit incorporating the heat pump, integrated hot water cylinder, immersion heater, circulation pumps and control system all in one smart box and would fit very well into the existing rear lobby.

The client was averse to having too large an area of the garden disturbed by excavation so decided against ground loop collectors and opted for borehole collectors.

Two boreholes were required each being 100 m deep and 15 m apart, with collectors from both boreholes returning to a single manifold chamber adjacent to the house for connection to the heat pump inside the house. This required some horizontal trenching from borehole to manifold chamber but drilling and trenching was carried out with the least possible ground disturbance by the chosen drilling contractor.

The NIBE heat pump was installed by a NIBE trained and accredited installer. The whole contract was managed by Robert Walmsley who chose the drilling contractor and installer and delivered a satisfactory solution for the client.

Delighted with the heat pump project, the home owner continues to look for further savings on home running costs and carbon emissions and has commissioned Eco East Anglia to install a significant array of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of an out building.