Retro fit heat pump & heat recovery ventilation

We were contacted initially due to the high levels of moisture within the property. A whole house approach was proposed, addressing both the humidity and ventilation of the property with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system and an Air Source Heat Pump to maintain a more constant temperature within the building. It was important to recognise that how the building was being used, with the heating being off during the day due to full time jobs, was affecting the indoor climate.

A Heat Recovery Ventilation system was fitted throughout the house initially which, because it continually removes stale damp air from the building, massively reduced the indoor humidity levels with the initial moisture running down the windows completely resolved within two weeks.

An Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump also replaced the LPG gas boiler and was integrated with the existing Solar Thermal system. Because an ASHP maintains a constant temperature in the building, this stopped the problem of the structure cooling down and creating an environment for condensation to form. It also resolved a problem with the existing system as prior to the heat pump being installed, the customer had to manually switch between the boiler and the Solar Thermal cylinder to utilise the solar hot water – this is now fully integrated and automatic.


No more dripping windows, rotting window frames, mouldy ceilings, ruined curtains and clothes, I have been amazed at the transformation to the house. I now realise what an unhealthy environment we were living in. It’s amazing that something so simple can have such a dramatic effect. No more waking up in the morning with a stuffy head, I noticed how much better I felt.  Every room is warm, I can now use all rooms in the house all year round.

The HRV and Ecodan have worked without problem (power cuts excepted) since commissioning and have performed to specification and satisfaction throughout the summer and winter months. It has been a painless transition and a pleasant relief from the problems of LPG combi boilers. My wallet has also benefited.

Bill Landells – Santan Downham