Multiple Renewable Technologies for Rattlesden Pavilion

This project involved a newly built replacement Pavilion for Rattlesden Community Council in Suffolk where Eco East Anglia delivered a complete, sustainable solution for the building’s heating, hot water, ventilation and energy. With a primary focus on energy efficiency to keep running costs low the solution incorporated Solar Photovoltaic (PV), a Ground Source Heat Pump, Solar Thermal and Heat Recovery Ventilation.

Solar PV System Installation

The Solar PV system was designed to make maximum use of the south facing rear roof space and incorporates 42 x 205W Kioto PE QCells modules (8.6kW) to produce over 7000kWhs of electricity per annum. Kioto modules were specifically chosen for their high output all year around, even at low light levels.

A 3-phase transformer-less Mastervolt inverter maximises output at both high level and low level radiation levels. The inverter is also key to using the power produced within the building. Whenever electricity is used it will always take it from the panels first, topping up from the electricity grid if required. Equally if the power from the panels exceeds the building use at any time, the excess electricity is automatically fed back to the grid for use by other consumers.

A key requirement of the overall system was to maximise the on-site use of the solar generated electricity which was achieved in part by incorporating a ground source heating system. The solar PV and heat pump combination optimises the use of solar energy generated and reduces the amount of electricity that needs to be purchased to run the heat pump. A double benefit!

It is estimated that the Solar PV will save the charity over £500 in electricity and over 3.5 Tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum as well as providing an income with Feed-in Tariff payments.