Rainwater Harvesting

The principal of rainwater harvesting is to collect, filter and store rainwater from the roof so that it can be used for toilets, washing machines and in the garden.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting are:

  • Significant reductions to your water bill
  • Making your property more sustainable
  • Environmentally positive by using natural resources locally without the need to clean, store and distribute water

In almost all cases we advise the use of below ground tanks for a number of reasons:

  • No space is taken up and the appearance of your home is not altered.
  • When stored below ground, the collected rainwater has no access to light and stays very cool. Both factors make bacterial growth less likely, thus keeping the quality of the water very high.
  • When below ground, the tanks are frost protected.

The size of the tank needs to be calculated based on the collection area of the roof, the volume requirement of water and how long water is required during a dry spell. All systems have an automatic mains backup so that if the tank is running dry there is still water available in the property.