Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal collectors harness the sun’s rays to directly heat water which is then stored in a cylinder ready to be used for hot water. Solar thermal systems can be installed both onto a roof or integrated into a roof on homes, commercial properties, new or existing buildings. They are fully automatic and will monitor the temperature of different parts of the system to control when to transfer the heat from the panels to the cylinder.

Types of Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal Collectors can be flat plate or evacuated tube with the total area dependent on the property’s hot water needs, roof aspect and property location. It is not just south facing roofs that can be utilised; considerable gain can be made from both east and west facing roofs. The mounting systems in which the panels attach to the ground or to a roof, are designed to provide ease of installation and security of the panels.

Benefits of Solar Thermal Technology

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance required

It is important that the system is designed so that the hot water demand is roughly equal to the output of the panels otherwise it is possible for the system to overheat if it cannot get rid of the heat produced. For this reason Solar Thermal works extremely well where there is a high hot water usage, especially during the middle of the day when the sunlight is strongest, such as swimming pools and commercial applications.